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WHAT Whats the name of the show What did i show during my group critique What was in the room What materials i used


HOW How did i make the sculptures How did i experiment with the material


WHY Why did i make those sculptures


WHAT What was the moderation strategy What expectations did i have for my group critique What has been discussed during my group critique What would i change What i would like to focus on in the future


Group Critique on 25.01.17 Devices for extinct happiness by Akhmetov Timur

My group critique was held in the small project space where i presented an installation consisting of five sculptures and a looped video.

Object #1

was made of three vertical metal tube arches turned in the way to form a closed triangle. Tubes were painted with white glossy paint and later covered with latex. Structure was made to accommodate a set of objects depicting the reoccurring flower motive casted out of latex. Flowers were attached to the metal tubes by various methods including stretching, hanging, tying and connecting by plastic straps and colorful stationery clips.

Object #2

consisted of a tubed hanger made out of white glossy metal pipe with a piece of hand draped latex which was connected to the hanging flower object made out clay. Sculpture stood on a digitally printed photograph depicting a human foot climbing over the metal fence accompanied by two white ceramic tiles with flying white falcons on them. Most of the objects excluding the hanger were covered in latex.

Object #3

a wall piece was hanged on the wall and was made out of thick latex with the pattern of the same flower motive on it.

Object #4

a floor piece in a form of a brick wall made out of green oasis material, some of the bricks were damaged gesturally with fingers and nails.

Object #5

was made out of two yellow plastic tubes tied with a latex defaced flower and a flower laying on the floor


15 seconds looped video of a dancing straw man. displayed on iPhone

Objects were carefully distributed around the room to let the visitors freely walk around.

I used latex milk as the main material ingredient of my work in combination with metal, paper and ceramic surfaces. Metal structures i used were found on the street of Rotterdam. Throughout first trimester i was experimenting with the qualities of latex milk and possible ways of applying it