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Date viewed: 2/5/2011

Description: Sensual advice diary

Gawd my looks have really faded recently…I’ve really let myself go. I just don’t understand what happened. I’ve started doing this really annoying thing of sticking my tongue out without realizing. It’s not a very attractive look I can tell you. I need to pull it together and pull it in.

I’ve been getting these strange pimples of late; don’t know what’s causing them. Is it a rash…maybe I’m allergic to something lately…I really don’t get what’s causing it. I should go the doctor…maybe it’s something I’m eating. They say tea tree oil is good natural antibacterial product…maybe I should buy that.

I’ll tell you something he used to want to have a little chat before we got down to it…I guess its a little hard for me to chat with him since I lost my hearing. When I first lost my ears, he thought I was a mute and he would still try and show some interest but gradually he stopped trying…not worth the effort. He did apologize so I guess its okay. I can’t wear earrings anymore…it’s a shame cos I just got my ears pierced and I’d bought loads of new earrings in the sales.

He used to say, “ah you don’t need any make up, you are my ‘au natural’ beauty. I like you justthewayyouare”. I would say “a girls got to make effort…he he…it’s not just for you, you know.” I’d like to put a bit of mascara before I left the house in the mornings not too much, rimmel do a nice little black mascara. On special occasions a bit of eyeliner; collection 2000 do a really good one and it’s really cheap. Bargain. Of course it’s a bit difficult to put mascara on nowadays since I lost my lashes. At first I bought some fake lashes, you see I felt bare without my lashes; I had a dark complexion so it made me look weird. Then at some point I stopped that too. Then I lost my eyes all together…so wearing fake lashes seemed pointless.

It all started going downhill since I lost my pussy. One day I looked down and it was gone, of course I can’t look down or up or look at all anymore since I have no eyes to look with.

Well when I lost my brain, losing my looks shouldn’t have been such a big deal, still that’s what gets me most…you know I used to be a real head turner, I’d walk down the street and cause a real commotion. A car almost had a crash once cos I was wearing a really short skirt, it was really nice orange skirt with these cute little buttons going down the front from H&M, I liked wearing it, you see I had really nice slim legs, why not show it off I thought. The guy in the car braked suddenly, rolled down his window and shouted, “ Why don’t you watch where you going you fucking slag.” I thought hold on why don’t you watch where your going, you’re the one that almost crashed cos you were staring at me. Before I had a chance to vocalize my opinion he rolled his window back up and sped off. Jeez. Then of course I lost my legs so it didn’t feel right to wear my mini skirt anymore.

Gradually I was losing more body parts, nose just dropped off one day, he wouldn’t even look at me after that. Stomach, arms. (I realized after I lost my arms that they are actually really useful and they have hands on them so that was a double blow) feet went with the legs, my bum fell off, and it took me a while to notice this one as it was behind. And I lost my back and spinal cord; all my bones were gone actually.

My favourite thing to do on a lunch break was to sit outside and ofcourse I couldn’t sit anymore because I didn’t have bum or back anymore, anyway where was I, oh yeah, I used to like sitting outside and I would get a salad buffet box from my local sandwich bar. They did a really tasty pasta salad with tuna and olives. Since I lost all my insides its not that fun as it just goes nowhere. Of course I still have a tongue and mouth so if I wanted to I could still eat food and taste stuff. I still have a sense of taste the only sense I have but the only thing in my mouth nowadays is cock and I’ve kind of forgotten what food tastes like so I don’t really miss it that much anymore.

That’s the only thing I know nowadays; cock in my mouth. It cums and goes. My tongue just laps it up. Nothing else to do. I guess its okay I mean, I used to dream about having loads of cock in my mouth day and night. So I can’t complain. I mean my mouth feels really dry when it’s not lubricated that’s why I stick out my tongue like a little dog all the time. I’m thirsty.

I just give. I just give all day and night. It’s nice to be giving. To be generous.

And on the plus side I did gain a pair of brand new titties, there not quite like my old ones but these are nicely pert and small. There like a novelty pair of little titties, like ripe little tangerines. Shame they’re stuck to my chin but beggarscan’tbechoosers, that’s what my mum always used to say. It’s handy you know, when you have a cock in my mouth its just convenient hand to cock to breast ratio.

Nowadays I look like an inverted penis…snug fit, like that. I just don’t get how it happened, I’ve really let myself go. It just spiraled downwards and before I new it I was just a mouth, tongue and pair of tiny connected titties.

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