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what you read:

I read news articles, aqnb for short art-related things, I read the captions on instagram, comments on videos, transcripts of tv shows, I read through my own writing often - especially to re-engage with ideas in order to develop them - this might include quotes or starting points. Facebook.

I read emails like e-flux, the art part of the guardian, synopsis of articles - not always the whole thing. Style magazine, newspapers, things which are lying around at home

seminar reading - I enjoyed the notes on prostitution by Julia bryan wilson, this lead me into thinking about performance. Theory books from the library. I got a novel for my birthday - Haruki Murakami - I read it 3 days in a row so far.

I take notes by copying phrases which I like from the text. My notebook has a combination of notes and thoughts. Once I've absorbed something I might make a note. In terms of a required reading diary - my approach is to write notes at the end, in short summary. I take notes of group discussion - points people make that make sense to me - or perhaps they phrased it well so I will note it down.

It helps having an incentive to read - discussion, engaging with ideas for my art work. If i'm not forced to - I won't read out loud because I don't necessarily take it it best that way. I read a lot of things I'm not sure what they were - when I've followed links that my friends have shared. Where I am and why effects what I read. At home different to at school. Parents both studied history so been around books since childhood, used to the idea of reading before bed but not the practice. Older brother a bigger reader. Didn't want to read and maybe didn' t have the patience. Since studying I appreciate reading more. Never done lit. reveiw. dont need to. The benefits of being a native speaker make me less self conscious. Reading outloud wrapped in ideas of studpidity and self consciousness.

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