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What are you working on now? What are you thinking of making?

Well, I am currently working on a family of sculptures. They are made for a specific upcoming exhibition in the end of november. At the main office of Manifesta, in Amsterdam.

These sculptures are not specifically made for this certain situation, but are made because of the invitation to show my work there.

The space I have chosen at manifesta is a small courtyard, on ground level of the five stories high building surround the little yard. So outside but still surrounded by high walls, and therefore no nature or horizon.

On the opening of the exhibition they will be occupied by a lady performer. As this performer performs her 20 min spoken word piece, she will use, and interfere with these sculptures.

The sculptures will have the potential of being used. They are all based upon a whole variety of pre existing objects.

Such as:

Industrial food containers. Chemical waste containers Baby baths. ToyToy toilettes Feeding stations for different types of animals or pets. Like dogs, birds, horses etc. Equipment for handicapped people Baby Food trays Ergodynamic objects Toilettes from all ages and cultures. Furniture Ableware


Objects that are obviusly from different “catagories”. But that almost over all share similare traits:

Most of these objects are purely meant to be functional. Meaning dealing only with practicality and not of any visual beauty.

Most of these objects encounter a body or being in there usage. Dog eating from bowl made for the size and hight of his antanoy. Baby fitting into baby bath. But many of them also have an object, substance or abstrat purpose/function, between the user and the main object.

Example: Toilette (object) shit (substance) woman (being) or Bowl (object) food (substance) dog (being)

From this is want these sculptures to suggest such bodily approach. They need to be collaborative.

The audience should be pets, animals, infants, kids and really old people.

How do you plan to make it?[edit]

Just start by making. Carving any material always leads to something. Sitting down and thinking about what to make before touching any material rarely works for me. Also I am afraid of working out a plan, always counterproductive. Just like drawing is thinking, so is collection, comparing, and carving. This is my plan, and it is ongoing!

And by the next year I will hopefully have a humongoose archive of images and loose ideas. That will come together only to be printed for myself.

My main source of research usually comes about looking for images online, that in some way spikes my attention. Usually or more lately images of objects. By printing these images out on paper and hanging them all up in my studio, i start seeing relations. I print these photos in B&W so that color can not create a hierarchy between the images.

Describe how you will go about conducting your research through reading, writing and practice. In other words, through a combination of these approaches, you will explore questions or interests you have laid out in your general introduction. In this section you can help us understand how your project will come together on a practical level and talk about possible outcome(s). Of course, the outcome(s) may change as your research evolves, but it's important to have some idea of how your project might come together as a whole.

Why do you want to make it?[edit]

Weeeell. Here i don't want to write something like: because I am interested in blabla! And therefore this question is hard to answer. And maybe almost a bit too personal to be made public? And: why do I want to know why or why would i try too make it clear to myself? I like this question if it can be interpreted bit more open. YEa i want too make it all! Who can help you and how?[edit] TIme, myself and mr money buy material Relation to previous practice[edit] BIG question! How does your research connect to previous projects you have done? Here you can use the descriptions you made in the first session or make new descriptions Relation to a larger context[edit] Meaning practices or ideas that go beyond the scope of your personal work. Write briefly about other projects or theoretical material which share an affinity with your project. For example, if you are researching urban interventions, you might want to research about Situationist approaches to psychogeography, urban tactical media and activist strategies of reclaiming the streets. Or, if you want to explore the way data is tracked, you might touch upon the politics of data mining by referencing concerns laid out by the Electronic Frontier or highlight theoretical questions raised by Wendy Chun or others. (Keep in mind that we are *not* expecting well formulated conclusions or persuasive arguments in the proposal phase. At this juncture, it's simply about showing an awareness of a broader context, which you will later build upon as your research progresses.)


A list of references (Remember that dictionaries, encyclopedias and wikipedia are not references to be listed. These are starting points which should lead to more substantial texts and practices.) As with your previous essays, the references need to be formatted according to the Harvard method.) See: Feel free to include any visual material to substantiate, illustrate or elucidate your proposal. For example use images to reference your work or that of others.