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The thesis will be practice based. It will do justice to my graduation project which I will develop over the coming months and will finally be displayed in Tent Rotterdam. I will try to contextualise my practice by looking at my previous work, work of other contemporary artist and within a broader art historical context. I will focus on topics that concern me such as transmission to which I believe there is a real quality to the practice, which is that it morphs as it goes through different instalments and operates across different media. Furthermore, I will write about archiving, collecting, objectification, and the performative aspect of my work. The performances I do every two weeks in a local bar in the North of Rotterdam will be the foundation of the graduation project along with the archive I produce. In the graduation work I will function as a vessel, a box in which everything is possible and different worlds and potential worlds come together in a narrative.

Chapter 1: Current & Previous work Chapter 2: Recordings 23:01:14 Chapter 3: Lawrence Weiner, Matt Mullican, David Shrighly Chapter 4: Recordings 31:01:14 Chapter 5: Broader art historical context Chapter 6: Conclussion

For next time: I will do research about The historical context (contexualise my work in it)