Lili Reynaud Dewar

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Lili Reynaud-Dewar was born on the West Coast of France in 1975. After studying classical ballet, then public law and state theory, she started writing about art and making some herself. Her sculptures and performances examine diverse types of interactions between technologies and bodies, cultural industries and identities, history and fables. Consistently collaborating with her close friends and family, she has developped exhibitions and performances revolving around the beginnings of cinema (”Black Mariah”, 2009), the lost profession of shorthand-typists (”The Power Structures, Rituals and Sexuality of the European Shorthand Typists”, 2009-2010), the works and texts of Ettore Sottsass (”In Every Room There is The Ghost of Sex”, 2008), a concert given by Sun Ra and the Arkestra at the Saint Paul de Vence Foundation in August 1970 (”Interpretation”, upcoming project), and the story of Queen Mother Nanny of the Mountains, who led a slave revolt in XIXth century Jamaica (”The Center and Eyes”, 2006). She is the co-editor of Petunia, an art and entertainment feminist magazine.