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1) What role does writing currently play in your practice? 2) What role would you like writing to take in your practice over the next two years? 3) What you read and how you read it – what you write and how you write it (from tweets to shopping lists) Performances in Romanian, translate and present them with subtitles. What is your writing practice g=has two aspects: 1) I always try to situate the work within its specific contexts, practically situate myself; they are not descriptive of the work, as such, but more contextualising text 2) I became interested in performances that work with text: how to use the discourse of performance I use copy paste of existing texts eg: a guide in the Museum of Contemporary art (formerly Ceausescu’s Palace) . The our was about where we were; my guide was influenced by the guided tours in which you are given a lot of statistics about the opulence of the building, these are not framed [what frames them?] The political context is taken away, allowing for a positive re-appropriation of the building. My own version also used metrics and ] and start to insinuate the authoritarian nature of the building. Battle=power= [ideology]

I copy paste and situate it in a way that works for this performance. Relation to tourists, the building and its relation to the city. Use the factual discourse to situate a specific context. I used the same method [in the athletics project], again the content

Text: recipe = a place for discourse: speak of ingredients in terms of margin and centre. Currently working on a new piece which will be more confrontational: centre and margins in dialogue as spoken through me. I will give a voice to both through a cooking show. For me it is about how the west creates a discourse of the east which the east responds to. The discourse is dominated by a western perspective. The role of food is that it will be served to the group. Cookies. Possibility of an alternative. The food will be an imaginary boarder and you consume the boarder. Is it enough to make it disappear? ==

Interested in failure: would like to take a different approach, started to write a non-appropriated text. Afraid of writing form a personal/subjective point of view. It is still in progress but it plays on different elements [synopsis of text] It presents whilst at the same time hiding other narrations . I have the podium in mind; translating it into a visual image. [What language reveals and what it hides] There seems to be a thread: aspiring language, which is specific = it comes with state, nationhood, territory (boundaries), an assumption [entitlement] to power. What to get out of this class: less input on how to write about the work but more input into how can relate to may practice. I tend to speak more to the how and why rather than the what.

Practically: tutorials, reading, looking at work.

Workflow: I love the research part and tend to stay there as long as possible. For work X For Victory work I researched for a year on the collective body; texts dealing with sport and international relations; the appropriation of bodies for the nation. The text was meant to be quite rigid and realised a way out was to approach flavour (as area of flexibility, escaping the narrations of statehood [ideology!]. I came to this project through the other ‘I came to failure through victory!” I want to approach this differently How? Why?