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The space around and the space inside (unfinished)

What The physical installation structure of The space around and the space inside comprises sculptural elements in the form of built walls and floors that create spaces resembling corridors, and different types of open and closed space. These walls and podiums become into the leading system of a parkour in which video and photographic material is being screened and presented of different video and photography material.

The video material documents one or more architectural spaces that are built in or close to unaffected natural areas. These spaces are built with the goal of experiencing the surrounding as intensely but also as comfortably as possible. The video material will document the space around as well as the space inside the architectures and portray the relationship between highly artificial and highly untouched spaces.

The photo material documents more close up actions of how the inside and the outside space can be inhabited by the body, playing with both fiction and non fiction situations. I will be the body on the photographs. Photographic series: ...

The audio material will consist of the sounds from the surroundings, the sound of a building site, the sound of everyday life in the house, the sound of an airplane taking off, a song, pop-music, a speech on the anthropocene, no sound at all?

How Through a thorough research I will select one or multiple buildings. During a two week residency on site I will document the space in video as described, as well as shoot the photographic material. For that purpose I will bring with me on site a set of lights as well as video and audio recording equipment. The video sequences will be shot with a tripod and a steadycam.

The video as well as the photographic and the audio material will be a combination of documentary and fiction. I would like to create an atmosphere that never fully reveals the space as what it is, but plays with the imagination of the viewer: what type of space could that be? What can it become when completed in one's phantasy? What is the personal bodily reaction to this space? After the filming and photographing procedure I will edit the material and compose different sequences as well as photographic series.

Why Follow up from previous work. The hyper reality of artificial spaces constructed for a highly ergonomic experience Mimicking a natural environment experiencing nature in an artificially created world / device depiction of outdoor elements in inside spaces Body and forms created for the body, to experience itself or what surrounds the body. Previously made another work on this topic that I would like to expand further. The feeling of being in this world now. Ergonomic conditions. The space around and the space inside of a building as a metaphors oft he space around and the space inside of a person.