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White Horse

WHAT The ‘White Horse’ project is situated South Africa and expands out from this geographical location . The project takes the ‘White Horse of Bloemfontein’ as it's central character. In particular the contestation over this landmark’s origin - who put it there and why is a matter for great debate between different cultural groups.

HOW The ‘White Horse’ project has so far spaned two years in several outcomes. These parts include interviews, workshops, a photographic series, a parade and still more to unfold, including a book and a video installation.

WHY The White Horse exists in the space between written and oral history, between mythology and evidence based reason. This project resists the temptation to search for truth in this space, rather opening up room for creativity to play a role in the understanding and unfolding of a malleable historical narrative.


WHAT 'Parade' is a procession. A group of children marching down the main street of Kandos, in rural NSW, Australia. A town that was once in service of a now defunct concrete works. These children are the first generation not to seek employment in this factory. Their procession is an ode to cement.

HOW A series of workshops where undertaken with local children to imagine an embodied cement factory. The industrial concrete buildings of the Cement Works of Kandos past formed the basis of the costume design. The children where then free to explore the materials at hand to create their own interpretation.

WHY This project was commissioned by the Cementa Festival healed biannually in Kandos, I engaged with the children of the town as a way to understand how regional towns with dying industries continue to operate. The lack of employment that confronts much of rural Australia became the material of the project.