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Escape, escape! Escape. Escape.

VSR-- Good work Jane, thank you. I think the first few sentences of the new abstract can and should be fleshed out much more substantially. Have you located the translation of Klossowski's 'La Monnaie Vivante'? Can you at least sketch out what an 'economy of the body' might be in your own terms rather than in his?' I don't know what you mean by the economy of the body, as such, and how 'economies' and 'affinities' relate to each other. Could be worth thinking about. Also, it's time to delve more deeply into some of the sources you are citing and to develop them. I look forward to seeing your Haraway text next week. New Abstract

My thesis is about experiences of reading and the affects of affiliation that personify my reading experience. I have begun to look at these affects as something to be tested out and embodied as I work out my own determination as a “Moderator”, producing work between, about, through or after people. As a broad research area writing these texts is about working out what the “Economy of the Body”(Klossowski) might mean for me within the framework of understanding agency in artistic production and in friendship as a condition of 'affinity' rather than 'identity'. (very good research question!) I will continue to work on a series of short pieces of writing that I began earlier in the year with the texts I wrote on Rob Stone, Agatha Christie and Pierre Klossowski. Reflecting on these particular texts I am able to view them as a series, or an archive of experiences. I would like to continue on these working on new texts as separate frames within the theses. I have begun a text on my experience of reading Donna Haraway, attempting to describe my affiliation to her through a process of activating an understanding of experience through writing. I am also writing a story based on visiting the Sonneveld House and the Cube House Museum in Rotterdam. I will write a piece on the role of the female in picaresque novels as a historical figure, and plan to write about Freud’s objects on his desk as a way to summarize subjective projections of characters and experience. I plan for my theses to be made up of these separate texts which will hopefully do something towards explaining my interests in certain references and a desire to materialize these affiliations.


Week beginning 26 March: finish text on Haraway (may potentially act as a foreword so would be helpful to finish so as to keep the themes in this in mind when writing the others and thinking of how to draw them together). Week beginning 2 April: dedicate most of the week to interim assessment preparation, weekend of research in Brussels, Atomium. Week beginning 9 April: finish text on Sonneveld House, Cube Museum and potentially the Atomium (1 text).Also look further at Freud research around his desk objects and the Freud archive. Finish picaresque novel text, speak to Jan... Week beginning 16 April: Hopefully consistent reflection on the text as a whole will be happening and at this point I am able to see how it might fit together and what I might need. 23rd April - 5st May: Finish bulk of writing 5th May - 14th May: Proof reading, design, layout, bibliography etc.