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The tongue as a threshold

The tongue as a sensor

The tongue as childlike

The tongue as animalistic

The tongue here, in all its glory screams ‘I am your ultimate body part!’ Oh..ok, right sure how comes, I wonder. My symbolic and representational value are so close to the things you are most interested in, did you know that? (reword)


The tongue as the creator of language

The tongue to express sexuality

The tongue as madness

The tongue as unrepresentable

The tongue is that slippery thing in your mouth and mine, difficult to grab and pin down. This very visceral description of the tongue requires a visceral and personal way to access the topic.

The tongue to give pleasure

The tongue to taste

The tongue as involuntary

The tongue as inside- outside

The tongue as hidden

The tongue to express desire

The tongue is has a root located in the back of our mouth’s.

(The tongue Is language, in Turkish ‘dil’ means literally the tongue and it means language. What is your mother tongue? ) The tongue as contradictory- The physicality of the tongue refuses language- here this oppositional position I find weird and fascinating. (develop point)

When approaching this subject of the tongue being symbolically representational of my interests, I thought how can I do this proclamation justice? In thinking about how to approach the proposition of the tongue being symbolically representational of the things I'm interested in, I have to take a practical approach by writing a variety of the texts that I can personally relate to. So not an analytic survey or academic study because this would not be real or relatable to my practice.

The tongue as a seducer

The tongue as a manipulator

The tongue as a tool

The tongue as revolt

List of current texts

157 tongue girls (defo) (not finished)

129 piercing (not sure) (not finished)

567 weird out of body (not sure) (finished)

378 tongue man (defo) (not finished)

345 guess who (defo) (finished)

1762 kisses baby (defo) (finished)

679 Gina Lynn (not sure) (not finished)

130 touch- sensory list (defo) (finished)

1343 ebeb (not sure) (finished)

378 tongue man (defo) (finished)

1541 water aerobics (not sure) (finished)

243 Tupac hologram (not sure) (finished)

354 dream two (not sure) (finished)

Total 8006