Graduation Project

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Key dates for thesis:

Outline (one page plus bibliography) = December 14

First Chapter = January 25

First Draft = March 13 (ahead of the interim assessment)

Final Draft = May 27 (a month ahead of the final show)

See project and thesis guide below


Three stages to proposal

Project Proposal Outline

Upload draft proposal on the wiki on 29th at the latest.

prep for proposal

This assignment will consist of a two- or three-page concrete description of your practice and recent work. No analysis is necessary, just nice, clear, elegant description. In addition to this, please put together at least one page of a proposed list of research materials—literature, criticism, theory, films, videos, music, personages, plants, etc.—that you are going to begin looking at for your proposal and eventual thesis. Not all of this has to be eventually utilized or otherwise employed, of course, but it will be helpful to begin this list now (and for us as well, to see what you are looking at and to).

last year grad prep