George's Next Step

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1) Describe the texts (text, media, art).

3) Why are these texts is of interest to you?

4) What is its relation to your self-directed research?

5) How can the questions and issues these texts raise become work?

6) List research strands suggested by your peers

'Deb and Dave Afloat Part 1' is a youtube video of a couple taking houseboat trip on the Norfolk Broads, a network of navigable rivers and lakes that are wildlife-protected. In the video, Dave mainly films whilst Deb carries out her general activities in the background, on and off screen. Dave gives a tour of the canal boat, the living accommodation for their short holiday. It is one of many videos they post to the youtube platform of their UK based leisure trips and holidays. The filming style and the post-production of the video are informal and simple, it's essentially a home video which has undergone some simple digital editing and is directed toward a general online community.