General tips

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General notes:

1) Communication - Think of the reader. It is not safe to assume they have knowledge of what you are writing about. Even if they do have knowledge this needs to be contextualized. Generally people appreciate clarity.

2) Description - Remember to describe the texts you are citing (synopsis of relevant arguments) and the things you are discussing (your own work, the work of others).

3) Citation - give appropriate acknowledgment of the text/work you are citing. Do not leave it to the end of the process to place citations, as your texts grow more complex and longer this becomes a tedious task so give citations as you go. Use the Harvard method.

4) Notation - always take notes and log your sources.

5) Identify and eliminate bad habits as you go - this saves time. Examples: its/it's / i/I

6) Bibliography

n) Stop wiki sloppiness - this is the page through which we communicate so always make a link to the latest version on this page,_Writing_%26_Research_Methods