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Your aim/material is no better than your material/aim … my friend

‘Your aim/material is no better than your material/aim … my friend’ is an independent study proposal that will try to aline writing and design in my practice as well as a wider contextual framework. I would explore this through a series of conversations with Stuart Bailey, Kasia Korczak, Johanna Drucker, Robin Kinross, Celine Condorelli and Susanne Kriemann. Each conversation will bring a different approach or profession into the discussion. For every conversation I will create a short transcript, this will be both designed and written at the same time. The transcript will be sent to each of the people involved in the conversations pre and prior to each meeting as a way of pushing the conversation on.

The study will pose five separate yet linked questions; - How writing and designing can take place at the same time? I would like to term this method of production ‘mid-editorial’. - How this ‘mid-editorial’ production can be embodied in the final presentation, in whatever medium the final iteration is? - Can this ‘mid-editorial’ be presented sonically as well as visually? - To understand ‘mid-editorial’ do we need other support structures that are presented alongside the ‘mid-editorial’ iteration? - How can ‘mid-editorial’ be created outside of the framework of the page?


SUNNYSIDE is a set of nine single painted bed sheets. Each painting is of a single letter in the title embedded in a brick wall motif. The painted word is presented across one wall of the gallery. The work is a diagrammatic/graphic device created to create a backdrop for work presented alongside it. By working with a simply, recognisable and well understood patten the work pushes towards what it might mean to name a place or way of working. In naming a place, method, brickwork or painting we might come to understand the other work shown alongside SUNNYSIDE in relation or in the context of the painted environment the pose.