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Welcome to Safe Air Zone 9, the Free Harbour of Antwerp's premium tourist destination!

Today the Free Harbour or Antwerp constitutes the most important entryway for wealth and happiness into Fortress Europe. Its tradition of freedom has roots in the founding legend of the mythical city of Antwerp. In dark times past The giant Antigoon lived by the river Schelde where the Free Harbour of Antwerp now stands. Antigoon became a dangerous influence on the helpful locals who cheerfully unpacked goods for brave sailors navigating the rivers by boat, leading them to make unfair demands for a share of the wealth. The plucky adventurers, hoping to enliven cities and win vast fortunes carrying boatloads of rubber and ivory from exotic shores, found themselves held to ransom by this myopic plodding pedestrian. If sailors tried cunningly to elude Antigoon or bravely to defy him the story goes that he would remove one of their hands.

Seeing that such a barbaric and demanding figure could not be part of modernity the hero Silvius Brabo confronted the giant, destroying his primitive parasite village and throwing Antigoon's own hand in the river in a foundational act of ironic justice. Anxious that this be the final necessity for such intervention, an invisible hand was introduced to protect the river's navigators and distribute the cargo once unloaded by the river dwellers who had been corrupted by Antigoon. This light and supple hand would provide a polar opposite function to its predecessor's clumsy materialism: it would guide sailors both to their own prosperity and to the continued flourishing of this great continent.

Much like stories about lost countries such as Atlantis, Greece and Spain - or even murmured fables about a vast dark uncultivated continent to the south - legends of a city founded by Brabo which once stood on the site of the Free Harbour of Antwerp are now believed by European history processors to be metaphorical accounts of how automated immaterial trade, industry and finance replaced the tiresome intervention into such matters by contrarian people. These imaginative stories attest to of the flexibility and creativity of the architects of Fortress Europe: cultural values which still define our flourishing world.




In the cold pre-dawn haze a crane was performing its duties. Among the stacked containers awaiting its grip one (ref # 832.12.01.2066) had not been properly prepared.

It cannot be known at what point in its history the mistake was made. Which damage was caused by the fall and which by negligence. Perhaps it was not properly sealed, perhaps its manufacture was not in line with regulations. It slipped from the grip which had so confidently gripped countless other containers that night, that week, throughout a long and hitherto unblemished operational period.

Reverberations caused by impact with the ground rendered the container's contents non-viable. Over a thousand kilos of organic matter, originally subdivided into 15 units weighing between 60 and 90 kilos, spilled out in a mass subdivided into so many units as to be beyond necessary quantification.

With impressive speed and efficiency a maintenance AGV arrived at the scene of the disorder by secondary marker path and removed the organic and steel detritus from the primary marker path, allowing the crane and its counterpart transport AGV to return to operation in 4:36 minutes.

Standard operating procedure does not require the three units involved (whose blamelessness inclines the filer of this report against listing their reference numbers) to collate data. Given the undamaged condition of the next container in the stack (ref # 833.12.01.2066) standard procedure was adhered to and said next container was unloaded immediately upon return to normal operation. Weight disparities of less than 10 kilos are not registered by transport AGVs. A five pointed piece of organic matter which CCTV reports have confirmed was attached to # 833.12.01.2066 therefore went unreported. Upon arrival back at its terminal the maintenance unit automatically sent reports on the non-viability of the product both to its sender and its intended recipient.

It was not until # 833.12.01.2066 reached the truck loading plaza in Free Harbour of Antwerp Safe Air Zone 42 over an hour later that a second, more serious disturbance occurred.

The truck assigned to transport the container out of the Free Harbour of Antwerp did not leave at its designated time. It was already 3:12 minutes behind schedule (adjusted for the initial disturbance) when the following audio message was recorded on the plaza's generally ceremonial Safety- and Happiness-Phone by the truck's human operator:

"There's fucking … a, a fucking, mangled fucking … a human hand on the … the container, the roof of the container that's just been put onto my truck, it has … like smeared onto the roof … jesus get someone down here what the fuck …"

As of this narration's auto-generation at 0832:01 12.01.2066 the truck remains in the plaza. Since the vehicle's continued presence in dock 18 threatens Safe Air Zone 42's efficiency rating and no complaints have been filed by either sender or intended recipient of # 832.12.01.2066 this narration's recommendation is that the truck be immediately assigned a new human operator.


'A call to the dismembered: the abused, the divided, the denied, the alienated, the asphyxiated, the severed, those who have not been taken seriously: A call to remember (!) :

A GIANT HAS CUT OUR HANDS OFF - we no longer have the freedom to identify with the work our hands once did or the cultures our hands built -

WE WHO ONCE thought we WERE THE GIANT'S HANDS! We who built cities in his name, cities that made themselves rich clustering around rivers of blood. Some of our ancestors murdering for him and some being murdered by him, some cutting hands off and some having their hands cut off. all of us find ourselves now useless, degraded, abandoned: WE MUST CUT OFF THE GIANT'S HANDS!

The giant is an amoeba, amorphous. This continent is an enormous amorphous tyrant, surrounding and binding us. He eats the world and shits it out and eats the shit. To cut his hands off is not enough, he can reshape more. Every hand we cut off must join us in pounding him.

WHERE HE THROWS OUR HANDS INTO THE dark depths of the RIVER OF DEATH WE MUST THROW HIS INTO THE shallow surge of the RIVER OF LIFE - HIS HANDS MUST JOIN OUR MULTITUDE AND TURN AGAINST THEIR CRUEL MASTER! THEY MUST JOIN US IN POUNDING HIM UNTIL HE IS MUCK FROM WHICH WE CAN FORM A NEW WORLD! - BUILD A CITY! from the muck of memory we will build our city - from muck rather than blood Let us unify our hands and our heads and build a body bigger than ourselves, a self bigger than our bodies ONCE THERE WAS A CITY HERE - ONCE THERE WERE CITIES - THERE WILL BE AGAIN!'