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19:00 - Lecture Jan Verwoert 20:00 - Q&A 20:30-21:00 - Yanik's sound performance @ Big Project Space

Goodness Me and the Sick Sounds An informal talk followed by a life music set.

Lacanian psychoanalysis has much to say on the harm caused by misrecognition in the moment of identifying (with) an ideal version of oneself. But what does it mean to wholeheartedly speak and act from a place other than the one marked out as the good self? The first part of the talk will seek to delineate the path to hell that good intentions pave along three stops: the approval of one's self-image as good, the recognition of one's position of speech and action as worthy, the celebration of/by good people supporting one's goodnes. If good intentions set the scales, how to, artistically and politically, speak from the place where one's life and sense of self present themselves as a grotesquely shapeless mess? The second part will attempt to draw examples from a tradition of music seeking to give voice to - and find its voice in - the messy moment when good shapes crack, tone breaks up and spectral harmonies occur, as signals overshoot the mark and go into overdrive, distortion or sick fuzz, from Sister Rosetta Tharpe via Big Muffs to Billie Eilish: cult of neurosis or wild angel song?

The informal talk will be followed by a life music set with Yanik Soland