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a bit of text i want to share focus on experimental activities / moving amongst the visitors, carrying the art commodity, showing it around and providing it different experiences / engaging with the objects, performing with and being amongst the objects / how the body interacts with the material / a possible meditative occupation in time / a contemplative pace compared to an art fair crowd / (the inanimate object & the body) different claims of attention / demanding nothing in particular but being very present / speaking through objects or other bodies / the established format of an art fair and to explore how to deal with that form / being together around an object / the object being performed / a claim of putting an object in space / a quiet and unarrogant object in a room that's in a way not putting any pressure upon you to respond to it / the objects or the material having a consequence to the body / how the body interacts with the material that is not the body /

through the suits you become more or less marble (it remains an effect / a way of camouflage / a way of trying to be something that you can never really become), and now: what would you like to do as a marble? What comes out of the costume / the object itself? What does it call for to you? Maybe someone really wants to be a marble goddess and just stands there on an block. I’m just saying something now. maybe performing actions on a carpet can activate you thinking yourself as a flat material. (these are just ways of thinking that I want to share ja? not so much suggestions to the letter)

(2 or more people) standing in a tight row next to each other facing / not facing visitors holding the objects in the same manner / not in the same manner this can either be in the installation, close by or anywhere in the public area

carrying the object around, taking a walk with it you can hold the object in different ways; in front of you, tight to your body, in front of you with extended arms, next to your body close to your side, resting on one shoulder, above your head, resting on your head, above your head floating with extended arms, behind you in the arch of your back, etc. what does it call for, how does it want to be held?

(2 people: something that's close to a ritual) one person lies down, the other is kneeling down placing an object on the body of the first person (staying like that for a short or a longer while. This can end with helping the first person up and leaving together. this can either be in the installation, close by or anywhere in the public area, wherever you feel safe as well (that's important).

taking a pose next to or in front of an object and try to imitate the shape of it with your body (this can be via taking the child's pose for example, but i'd rather not see you do any particular yoga moves that are super clearly read as such, there's also a sideway version to think of maybe, as long as it's not a perfect yoga pose, if you know what I mean) or even use the object to lay your head on or lean in another way on it gently (because they're not super structurally sound to really hold a body that is standing on them) this can either be in the installation, close by or anywhere in the public area but again, feel safe

sitting cross-legged with object in your lab or just right in front of you, next to you, you can sit on the knees, squatted or standing, or lying, there are a lot of simple postures to imagine for doing this and staying like this for a while you can either do it together, or alone (then again, if you are with more, you can do the same thing together or you can take different poses; I think it's just important that there's a variety going on in terms of bodies appearing alone and together (the work is I guess not about groups of people doing stuff, but about the body interacting with the object and the material that is present).

touching the object, going over it with your hands, you can use the gloves for that if you like, that's not necessary. I'll just put them in the installation to pick them up. Or making hand gestures around the object, don't overdo that or make it in any way super theatrical. Maybe you can just ask yourself what does the object call for again concerning this. walking around the object in a circle a variety of circling or other shapes of movement in terms of routes to walk can be imagined. Maybe you can come up with some kind of 'dance' in that manner, by putting the object somewhere and then trying different ways of moving around it (there are different possibilities in terms of distance / the way in which you walk / the way you keep in contact with it). Pacing up and down as in an indecisive manner can be a way of moving around

Taking one of the cushions / objects / both and sit down somewhere on the cushion / put the object on the cushion and sit down next to it. this can either be in the installation, half in, close by or anywhere in the public area (in a quiet or in a busy spot)

go alone or be together with 2 or 3. again, you could decide to imitate or follow each other / expressly not, making up variations of what the other does (as a way of interacting with each other. Though this is possible and exciting to me, i'd rather see that the focus remains on the interacting of the marble imitating / camouflaged body with object and the materials present, but I guess that's just inevitably part of the work as I made it as a whole now). join each other when you feel like it. As said, I think it's very nice if there's a change going on in terms of loneliness and togetherness

(2 or more people) collecting objects in a certain place bringing objects one by one to a chosen place (min. with 2 people because you don't want to leave the things unattended I think (that's just my assumption because it is going to be very crowded) after collecting you can sit down amongst it this act can be about bringing different objects together, making different constellations and choices in that as a unique body who decides to take certain things and places them together

you could lean against a wall (maybe the long corridor that leads to the Prospects & Concepts space is particularly nice for that), you could stand / sit in various ways / behave like a guard in a way (waiting / just standing / sitting somewhere) you could of course be either open towards others or closed off from the public in terms of posture it’s about what you feel is the right thing to do at a certain moment with a certain materiality.

waving with the cloth (with handle on it, I must still make this, no idea what it is going to look like, but i'm guessing something with marble…..). You could wave over the body or over the head of other performers / over an object / so many ways possible to do something with this piece of cloth I guess, go wild.

Taking up the brush and start tracing the outlines of the object on the floor (see picture) this can be done in a very contemplative manner, it doesn't have to be fast at all, as long as you chose the pace that you are comfortable with / feel is suitable

embracing the object as in a hug, holding it close to your body / a way of making intimate contact

sitting with the object, leaning against it, it can maybe be in between you and the wall, or in between you and the floor (although it can't hold your weight), experimenting with different postures around this idea is very nice

When not eager to see so many people all the time: walking towards a wall or an object and facing it for a while there are ways to shut yourself off from the crowd in terms of posture / place / mentally / closing the eyes for example

there could be two objects on the ground in front of you, you could stand on your feet, keeping your legs straight, but bowing towards the objects placing your hands on them, touching them, as a way of gentle leaning.

improvising is very nice but I wanted to give you these actions and descriptions as a way of making clear of what I think I am after in terms of the movements and the relation of the body with the material that's not the body. It would be very nice if you could make other moves that you are comfortable with / that you feel are called upon by the things around you that you are interacting with and that you are spending your time with (for which I am super super grateful).

I am still thinking about a speaking possibility, in the form of a poem for the object. It would be a piece of text that can be read to the object, but maybe I am keeping that idea for another time in terms of having the Art Rotterdam coming quite close now.

Furthermore: I want there to be a minimum amount of actual interaction with the audience. Please don't speak to them / make a lot of eye contact / invite them to participate in that way. It sounds super boring and stupid to close yourself off from that in a way, but I somehow very strongly feel that i'm just not interested in that. And I guess I really want to deal with the factor of this ever present crowd at the art fair by coming up with a way to extract the work a bit from them and their bodies, hopefully offering an invite into an imaginative world / mental state that could provide different ways of thinking the relationship to present matter / thing that are (whether it's just for the time being or constantly) around you.