Angelica 3

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Writing Machines developed together w. Connie and Erika.

1. Narrative Creator Pick a film synopisus and take out, everything that is specific to that plot and replace it with your subjects and situations.

2. Unknown Territory or elements of "chance" Use a search engine, choose a number between 1-28 (all the letters in the alphaphet)

Example number 3 pick the letter 3 --> C

Type it in in your browser, and take the third option your search engine show and then pick the third page out of the resulat write your work in to that context.

3. Expanded Vocabulary First letter last letter game in order to describe a work. Example: Say a word, the next word should start on the last letter in the previous word one.


A representation from what I "did" 26/11-2015

Found out that I have used and developed a writing machine

I continue to us the same method in order to develop a vocabulary on how to learn to negotiate, in the field of business and chrome-industry.