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29/10-2015 - What are you working on right now? - A week ago, I just finished Hawaiian Shirt day and you just ask me what I’m working on RIGHT NOW? - Yes, please, can you tell me? - Yes, of course. I always high-perform. Mania is part of my life. I don’t know how to rest. For healthy reasons you might not be allowed to ask this question to a person who every second year collapsing due to exhaustion. But here is….

….the fucking abstract version of it: - de-skilling my rational thinking - allow myself to have some routines

Upcoming deadlines • Kampen om F-skattsedeln 4th November @ Konstfack panel discussion on solidarity and organization among artists. Pre-answering questions together with UNICORN – artists in solidarity.

• Copy of Flooded seminar 5th November @ Gallery Box A collective-script with the three members of my former studio collective.

• Shirts in art –15th December @ Arbetes museum lecture/performance/event context: tired late buisness conference A Hawaiian shirt event, create a given a dress code to the audience, give them colorful juicy-drinks, make them mingle, perform gestures of bad planned lecture (be too much), slide-show of shirts in art in the background. What left: what should you say? Take insipration from JFK.

• Future rubble, group exhibtion and publication, Galleri Mejan. January 2016 Text on negitation for the publication Showing the tent&the video inside it? Or make new one?

a relevant question concerning my practice → - What are your desires? - Impliment more fun into my practice and less necessity. - I want to leave the suit, but it was fun to perform as JFK, wearing the suit in a talkshow by a feminist joykiller. - Sit along with the sewing machine.

- What are you thinking of making? Whats on the table right on? - I want to interview people who in their everyday life negotiate a lot (buisness and diplomacy) and find a way they can teach me their skills. Perform this skills in front of an audience or in form as a video. Could also happen by infiltrate myself into a course on managment. - Interview my father, in his profession about his buisness-trips to just fallen communist regimes during the 90’s and countries in war (Russia, Belarus, Afghanistan, Iraq etc.) (need to learn to negitaite before that). - Create verarble outfites → “fashion as painting” “painting as fashion”, monochromes, surfaces, clothing as narrative. - Internship for a politican in the Europeean Parliament - ask Soraya Post for the Feminist Party of anyone from a green perspective? - The survivilnness of the Jericho rose and access to fresh water. - Pilles of fabrics in a lot of different colors. - “The Keiko project” the killer-whale known as Free Willy and it stories around it’s a thematic, I haven’t seen in my work before. - make a white plain T-shirt of cotton by growing and to the whole process on your own. - Explore the salami-technique, round-tables in form of pizza slizes. - I want to ad how lesbian, women, drag, butch have been dealing with the suit as The last suit work.

- How do you plan to make it? Describe how you will go about conducting your research through reading, writing and practice. In other words, through a combination of these approaches, you will explore questions or interests you have laid out in your general introduction. In this section you can help us understand how your project will come together on a practical level and talk about possible outcome(s). Of course, the outcome(s) may change as your research evolves, but it's important to have some idea of how your project might come together as a whole.

- Why do you want to make it?

- Who can help you and how?

Describe your relation to previous practice How does your research connect to previous projects you have done? Here you can use the descriptions you made in the first session or make new descriptions

Write about you relation to a larger context Meaning practices or ideas that go beyond the scope of your personal work. Write briefly about other projects or theoretical material which share an affinity with your project. For example, if you are researching urban interventions, you might want to research about Situationist approaches to psychogeography, urban tactical media and activist strategies of reclaiming the streets. Or, if you want to explore the way data is tracked, you might touch upon the politics of data mining by referencing concerns laid out by the Electronic Frontier or highlight theoretical questions raised by Wendy Chun or others. (Keep in mind that we are *not* expecting well formulated conclusions or persuasive arguments in the proposal phase. At this juncture, it's simply about showing an awareness of a broader context, which you will later build upon as your research progresses.)

Your references