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I read text for seminars, 3 seminars, lots of texts. I read things to do with cultural theory, technology. I read people who i've seen speak at lectures who i admire. I read my friends poetry. I read article for seminars i.e. hyperallergic i get stuck on hyperlinks and only read 2/3rds. I read etymology of words. I have book called keywords, and look up words such as culture because this book takes you through the history ica uses and different cultures and its changing uses. I read art magazines. I also read stuff to do with yoga and ayurveda, (indian life/knowledge/sciences and things to do with food in seasons) I read my horoscope on I read general horoscope for all signs. I read emails online. Ill look up definitions of different cultural objects Im unfamiliar with - Sudo-encyclopedia knowledge. I read e-flux journals sometimes, they have something where they invite super conversation where they invite people to talk about the same subject and have have comments from the audience. I have been reading stuart hall the spectacular of the other for a seminar, but I would like to read that out of choose. Yes i take notes. mostly my notes are like analogue hyperlinks of what im thinking personal connections, like that other day when that man on the bus,... anchor to personal history to anchor to first interpretation. push to analyse what's between the text and my own ideas. so sometime i use the margin like sketch book. ill draw pictures as well. I like adding punctuation to the text so i can see which paragraph is most important to be. I add exclamation marks brackets, new paragraphs, new line. and sometimes i make a note of all the verbs that are used twice or more on the page, for a less close reading. close reading as taking sentence by sentence understanding it might mean looking something up, nit skipping past it. intimate level how the author might want to understand it contextualising. I dont always read footnotes but i would in a close reading. I think u started reading from a young age because i dont really remember not reading. i remember books that were colour coded in school. I read at home a lot and to my parents and theyd read to me. I was very into harry potter. Me and my sister were slightly competitive reading so that would spur us on to read. Association reading in nice weather. Related to reading fiction. When I wasn't in an institution after graduating I then started reading theory and non fiction for pleasure. This was something new for new. Precious reading lists from school.

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