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PART TWO --- this is not finished !!

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Repetitive sound, repetitive sound, bodily human sounds, naked bodies, knife, chicken, repetitive sound, helicopter in sepia, albino, mini skull bong, drums, fog, repetitive sound, homoerotic militant force, rituals. Slime mold, politics, sodomy, intra-actions, animals, particle physics, bacteria, homosexuality, species, mimicry. Budweiser, America, scaffolding, consumerism, career, barricade, totem, flag, blindman’s cane, masculinity.

Do these constitute the themes of my work, or as symbols of my work? These themes and symbols exist in the work which I have presented as both a foundation for my interests and as research to further my practice. I am interested in making connections between the symbolism of ritual/spirituality and politics/consumerism. My interest in researching filmic symbolism is to expand my video practice from direct references to the text to something possibly more symbolically linked to the text.

I believe these kinds of symbols can be used to further contextualize the spoken text presented within a video. Intra-actions, a concept conceived by Karen Barad, says that individuals (read by me as living, and non-living things) materialize through their coming together, and their ability to act emerges from within the relationship without their preexisting context. Using this framework, I am interested in expanding the structure of my film from only the subjectivity presented by the text into a more wholistic encounter.

My interest in Cady Noland stems from her symbolic critique of American culture, a culture which I am engaging with because of both my background and my interest in consumer-culture. She pieces her works together using disparate symbols to create stories surrounding the American Myth.

My interest in Kenneth Anger also lies in his critiques of American Myth presented in Invocation of My Demon Brother. Using images of satanic ritual, the Vietnam war, and homoeroticism, as well as an abstract repetitive soundtrack, Anger presents a fragmented narrative regarding the American military.

I am interested in how these sorts of sexuality (from masculinity to femininity to queerness and beyond) can be deconstructed and used to inform seemingly unconnected facets of culture. I believe as Barad says that these things can come together to create new narratives and agency for themselves.

PART ONE----- what the hell?

    • 1) Describe the texts (text, media, art).**

repetitive sound,repetitive sound mick jagger- moge synthesiser- bodily human sounds/abstract relating to rituals naked bodies tattoo we dont have to type this bit babe knife and chicken you shoudl follow your impulse maybe its a good idea albino ritualistic, some kind of cult. 'invocation of my demon brother'1969 helicopter in sepia smoking from a mini skull bongband, instruments drums and a dog coneections of differenet thign mostimeediatley the footage from vietnam homo erotic miltant force

my text piece interview with karen burrah interactions is theory feminist theoretical metaphysics professer her BG is physical science partical physics she uses that to frame feminist and queer theory rather than interactions

as a queer theorist she talks about this guy harry hho is a profess who says sodomy shoudl be condemned cos its agains nature so she uses interactiosn to question morality and human nature caus ethere are 450 secies of animal that live in us or around us that exhibit homosexual functions so it cant be agains are nature if these things are living inside of us colonies that mimick the same funtions that we would have

my artwork i chose i chose two both by katie noland show is interesting cause this iece dont have a title she created a room full o bud anf scaffolding the amercan myth very masc society contruction of itself as preoblemat ic in america at least the constructuon is on some hierarchy of carreers that pretty much near the bottom as far from the americann dream as you could think of it the flag touching the ground is technically illeag constitutianally or to burn or to touchs it with anything how you carry this powerful

symbole shes euating the bud can which is tese three coloursconsuming for the purpose of consuming consumerism is the heart of the americaln myth shis pieces uses the barracades the flag the blind mands cane strange sumbolic american totemts not giving much praise, critical of the entire myth in the mid-90s she disappeared cos she criticises celebrity alost when she became well known she disappeard this delights you

    • 3) Why are these texts is of interest to you?**

connnections between footage from vietnam and these occult rituals, equating the military presence invietnam ans ths homeoerotic militant force bob mogue in the original writings .. more able to capture bodily sounds and human sounds mick jageger made a very abstract and obtuse piece relating to ritual stuff 1969 only three yearrs was when anton levay founded the church of satan, the embracing of human sins cause they are though of as normal animal functions kenneth anger started making simbolist film in the forties escape into nature and connection to nature the use of symbols in this intennse form is

whats most appealing to me can read it in tons of ways the symbol relats to phenema which is alistait crawliyys egypton symbolism accessing higher parts of yourself through rituals and symbolws

slime-o mould crealtes a slugh that acts as a whole body it exists by itself on a celluar level this relating of like seemingly disparate things shes saying anything can become something when two things are put together

Cady Noland this peice doesnt have a title yet 1989 budweiser and scaffolding construction masculine soicety heirarchy near the bottom far from american dream american flag touching the ground illegal act. rules about the flag/ symbol comsumerism heart of american myth. referenced by Noland critical of america ALex -

    • 4) What is its relation to your self-directed research?**

acessing higher parts of yourself thorugh rituals

Symbolsim, face in the plant escape from nature/ connection to nature.

The form is appealing.

which is when 2 independent individuals come together every encunter creates something new that materialises through new realation ships comes new material

    • 5) How can the questions and issues these texts raise become work?**

in my work i am interested in making these connections between thigns that at first seem unconnected and then trying to find through connection and repeathing t them altering slightly what new ideas can sort of come fromt hat merging of unconnected things everything can function symbolically readymade obejcts alot of sumbolism i dont rely on it i make work that attempts to speak about it an contextualise it more, thatn kenneth who just does these symbolufilmsm without contectualisng it

sh uses symbolism like a critiqu of american myth through symbolism

aking connections between things that at first seem unconnected slighlty altering these connections, merging. Symbols readymade objects, choices. dotn rely on symbolism. speak about and contextulize in his work.

making connections between things that at first seem unconnected slighlty altering these connections, merging. Symbols readymade objects, choices. dotn rely on symbolism. speak about and contextulize in his work.

Interactions an interview with Karen Barad - feminst, metaphysics Rather than interactions when two individual come togther something new comes new material slime mould, single organisms or togther. can exist alone or connected to another. anything can become something when two thigns come together.

    • 6) List research strands suggested by your peers**