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Things happening in the text

Setting the scene; describe everything and where it is in relation to everything else. In this case the room and all its objects

So later something else is introduced to the space and everything described before is activated in relation to this thing in the space. The artists kissing the room

Repetitive language describing shot by shot certain words kissing, lipstick wall etc are repeated over and over language echoes video

Your position in the room is echoed in repetition

The descriptions are reduced nominative descriptions.

Till everything is gone through shot by shot.

When you relate to someone else’s work or situation, where you do something in the work


If I was her lover- placing myself in a fictional scenario in the video If I was her – arrogance Trying to enter into something of her work or her intentions – writing story at end as if to be her voice kindof

Switch of voice to arrogant empowered ruthless Also claiming back the Deniz in Olvia's text or at least using some of the swagger