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I think about you in my mouth, you will kill me one day , what are you doing there anyway, what do you think you are doing there anyway?

You are essentially a muscle, a long muscle that reaches down into the back of throat were you are rooted

Gene Simmons has one Puggy has a really long one

You crawl and wriggle and slither, non-stop. Stop.

You slurp and slurp

I call you you and not me because you really do not belong with me, cohabiting my mouth, just lying around. Who let this creature come here, and allowed you hang out my mouth, my personal clean space, the cavity, the orifice that is my mouth, this holy space that makes an aaaaaaaa sound when opened wide.

Gag and vomit and choke and puke Tongue and language and speech and sex

A big fat slug crawly crawly slowly crawled in my mouth one day when I was asleep and lodged itself in my throat like a leech stuck there. It rooted its tail to the back of my throat never to be dislodged again (and yours for that matter, I hope you are aware of this). There it lay, quietly, slowly wriggling, writhing and plotting away till the morning.

I awoke to find that creature now called you in my mouth, what the fuck? What the fuck is this, I open my mouth to make the aaaaa sound and instead a whole sequence of other sounds come about laaaaa and haaaa and reeee, and meeeeee. aaaa is obsolete never to return.

‘Moooottthhherrrrfuccckkerr’ you reply, ‘can you not see its called speech? This is what we can do together; Do re mi fa so la tiii Aaayy bbbeee ccceeee dddeee eeee eeeefff ggggiii…… Won too three for faiv sssix seven aighttt.. It’s endless it really is.’

‘Arghhh’ I say- ‘that’s me’ it replies ‘Wotdafaaa’ I say- ‘me again’ ‘Nooo’- ‘seriously just stop’

‘Just get the fuck out, I’m gonna choke’ I start gagging, stick you out of my mouth and start tugging at you.

‘That’s the price you have to pay for this unity, you could choke any moment. Not my fault.’ ////