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Vanessa Tuitel (1980) is one of the coordinators of the Piet Zwart Institute. After finishing the Graphic School in Utrecht, she studied Fine Art at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

Vanessa loves to work with the future. 'Vinex' neighbourhoods under construction, cascos, roads... objects that comes into being and that sets a new direction. She believes the present is a construction that prepares the future. She translates this 'perpetuum mobile' (that concerns us all) into installations. The aesthetics of tarmac and road signs lead us to uncertain, yet attractive times.

After her graduation in 2006, Vanessa worked as a production assistant for several artists and galleries, such as Expodium and Casco in Utrecht, and Skulptur Projekte Munster in Germany.

Since 2009 Vanessa is one of the staff members of the Piet Zwart Institute.

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