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How to borrow material from XPUB?

To borrow equipment and library books we will keep it simple and analog.

XPUB & LB use a system of borrowing sheets to keep a record of borrowed material from the storage.

Leslie, Manetta and Rossella use this system.


In the PZI Office there is a folder with label: LOANS

In the LOANS folder there are different sections:

  • LB
  • XPUB

How to loan equipment

When someone borrows a piece of equipment (s)he/they will fill one of the EMPTY FORMS, including:

  • name
  • student number
  • contact
  • lending date
  • expected returned date
  • signature

File the form in the relevant folder: LB or XPUB

Note: Ensure the planned date for returning the item is specified

When an item is returned:

  • A staff member needs to sign it in
  • Specify the return date
  • The staff member will place the form in the RETURNED ITEMS section

It is important to:

  • Check from time to time:
    • which items have not yet been returned within their expected returned date
    • might have been returned but were not signed of in its borrowing sheet
    • if necessary notify the borrower
  • Keep a bunch of copies of empty sheets for the future!

How to loan library books

Copy of the bookcover

When a student or staff borrows a library book, they need first to check if there is already a copy of the cover in the book. If not, they need to make a copy of the front cover with author and title included.

List your details

On the back side of the page list please write down:

  • your name
  • your 06 number
  • the current date

Upon return

  • A staff member needs to sign it in
  • Specify the return date
  • The staff member will place the 'form' in the RETURNED ITEMS, LIBRARY section

XPub Equipment list

The following pages, list equipment available for rental at the WDKA Rental:

And the flowing table, equipment available in studios to XPUB students and staff

Equipment Location Notes
Raspberry Pi 3 xpub studios Book Scanner
Raspberry Pi 3 XPUB server setup Tash's grad project Currently offline
Raspberry Pi 3 PZI office
Raspberry Pi 4 XPUB server setup Sandbox
Pi camera pzi office quantity: 5
Pi relay boards pzi office quantity: 3
Pi coblers pzi office quantity: 3
LED strips:WS2801 pzi office quantity: 2
Wacom tables pzi office quantity: 6 ?
External HardDisk pzi office Grey box; Size:?
Sata HardDisk XPUB server setup Size:1TB; has been connected to Sandbox Pi
iMacs xpub studio quantity:?
MacPros xpub studio quantity:?
Printers xpub studio quantity:2 A4 HP color Laserjet Enterprise M552 & A3 HP color Laserjet CP5225
Scanners xpub studio quantity: 3
Jetways - nettops xpub/lb storage quantity:5
LCD Screens xpub/lb storage Samsung SyncMaster XL2270 HD. Quantity: 4
Lacie LCD Screens xpub/lb storage Quantity: 2
Large LCD screen xpub studio Quantity: 2
Headphone Amplfiers xpub/lb storage Behringer MicroAmp HA400 Quantity: 2
Conference microphone xpub/lb storage Quantity: 1
Wireless handheld microphone xpub/lb storage Quantity: 1
Loudspeakers pair xpub studio Behringer MS40 Quantity: 1
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