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Hungry students, unite!

What is XPPLunch?

XPUB People Potential Lunch (XPPLunch) is a group of hungry comrades that share food for lunch. By joining forces, we can have nicer lunches, buy more food at lower prices and above all: avoid the cardboard pizzas served in the WDKA canteen.

How to join?

XPPLunch is located in the XPUB Studio in this blue box.

1) Ask on the mailing list to be added to the XPPLunch list on Who Pays What

2) Get some food and put it in the Lunchbox in the XPUB studio

3) Add the expenses to the Who Pays What list

5) Make your own lunch of choice with the food available in the Lunchbox

4) repeat from step 2


Where is the food?

You can find the food in the blue lunchbox, located in the XPUB Studio. You can store the food you bought for XPPLunch there too!

So, what is this Who Pays What thing?

A Who Pays What List looks like this

We share the expenses by adding the things we buy to the XPPLunch list on WieBetaaltWat (WhoPaysWhat). This is a service that allows you to easily settle expenses with a group of people. All members can add expenses and enter the people who share the costs. Everybody can check the list balance. The list balance shows the individual balances of all members. The balance is the difference between somebodies total expenses minus his or her total costs.

Where do I add my expenses?

Online, by logging into your account on wiebetaaltwat.nl. Or use the convenient app for iOS or Android.

OK, but X never buys anything! SAD!

Next to the Lunchbox in the studio is a screen with the Who Pays What list. If somebody is not contributing by buying food, that person will end up with a negative balance. In case the negative balance is getting a bit too much, just ask person X nicely to contribute.

This is so Dutch

You know this institution is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands?

What if I am leaving?

Settling a list looks like this

Who Pays What allows to settle expenses. Then you either get or pay a little depending on your balance in the list. The plan is to do that by the end of the academic year.

I have an idea for XPPLunch!

Great, let's talk about it during lunch. We are always open for ideas to improve XPPLunch!