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leave a voice message via online / private space ==> I made a tumblr where you can leave an anonymous voice message. using an online service using speakpipe service that Max enlightened me about ======> please test it

offline / public ===> In the autumn vacation started building a prototype of a voice message recording object to appear in the physical world and eventually provoke a response. I wanted to make a simple device that can record and playback sound and place in public space. In order to draw attention and provoke reaction, it would playback the last recorded audio when someone passes close to it . This way I hope to get a chain reaction ( an unrealized narrative) of messages. My first step would be to collect the messages.

I encountered a lot of problems on the way... in the end I had this old answering machine as a start to build a simple prototype. Simple is not so simple, i have been working on it for the vacation and still bugs appear. I had to put the circuit and the arduno in another case, so I used an old radio I had.

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