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=== Magazines ===
=== Magazines ===
[http://cinema.usc.edu/criticalstudies/spectator/27.1spring2007.cfm Spectator Issue 27.1 Spring 2007]
# [http://cinema.usc.edu/criticalstudies/spectator/27.1spring2007.cfm Spectator Issue 27.1 Spring 2007]

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Here I will post a list of all the books and research and things I found interesting regards for my MA self study. PS: Construction.gif This page is currently being worked on. and will not be that up to-date on where I am on the research..


  1. In the Beginning...was the Command Line
  2. Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything
  3. Free Culture: The Nature and Future of Creativity
  4. Do Good Design: How Designers Can Change the World
  5. The Designer as...: Author, Producer, Activist, Entrepeneur, Curator, and Collaborator: New Models for Communicating
  6. Books to Bytes: Knowledge and Information in the Postmodern Era
  7. How to be a Graphic Designer, Without Losing Your Soul
  8. Video Revolutions: On the History of a Medium
  9. Digital Preservation: A Time Bomb for Digital Libraries
  10. McLuhan_Marshall_Understanding_Media_The_Extensions_of_Man
  11. Foucault_Michel_Archaeology_of_Knowledge
  12. Digital Rubbish: A Natural History of Electronics
  13. In the Beginning...Was the Command Line


  1. Spectator Issue 27.1 Spring 2007

You Tube

  1. The Web Is Not The Net
  2. Digital Archaeology and the 100-Year Archive
  3. Into the Future: Man and Machines
  4. David Rokeby on Interactive Media
  5. Vint Cerf describes Bit Rot
  6. Books, Google and the Future of Digital Print
  7. Ur Digitization Project
  8. BBC Domesday System - Promotional Laserdisc
  9. Flashback - A Story of Flash Memory
  10. Dead Media: What the Obsolete, Unsuccessful, and Experimental Can Teach Us About the Future of Media
  11. Communicating Architecture: Lars Müller in discussion with Teri Rueb + Michael Meredith
  12. Jason Scott - Where are the Files?
  13. Douglas Rushkoff: Present Shock
  14. Rick Prelinger - Online Archives, Creativity & Serendipity
  15. Lars Müller: If this was not the End, what is the Future of Print?
  16. Preserving Grain, Presenting Pixels: Film Preservation and Restoration in the Digital Age
  17. Jason Scott Rescuing The Prince of Persia from the sands of time
  18. ARCHIVE TEAM: A Distributed Preservation of Service Attack
  19. Defcon 18 - Youre stealing it wrong 30 years of inter pirate battles - Jason Scott -
  20. John Cleese on Memory


  1. Triangulation 98 : Brewster Kahle


  1. Warhol digital artworks found on floppy disks from 1985
  2. BBC - Domesday Reloaded: Story of the Domesday Project
  3. Say goodbye to the video store, hello to the non-profit foundation
  4. A Defining Question in an iPhone Age: Live for the Moment or Record It?
  5. Facebook's prototype cold storage system uses 10,000 Blu-ray discs to hold a petabyte of data
  6. Digital Repository
  7. Library of Congress says it found source code of a never-released 'Duke Nukem' game
  8. Domesday Redux: The Rescue of the BBC Domesday Project Videodiscs
  9. Computing and Historiography, Part 2: Parasitology
  10. Libraries show empty displays in protest against copyright law
  11. Moments of convergence and innovation between documentary film and interactive media: Decade 1970-1980
  12. Digital archeologist Jim Boulton explores the creative history of computer technology

Project and ideas

The future was today

Video project about comparing the different videos about "future" technology Video example

Instagram Book

Book / ebook complied from my instagram photos of my two years living in London.

X Y Pen Plotter

Make a pen plotter.


Video project about the the physical impact on VHS movies.

Dissertation book

Current small book project, soon finished.