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Lessig, Lawrence (2004) Free Culture, United States of America , Penguin Books

“If you go to a Web page today, there no way for you to know whether the content you are reading is the same as the content you read before. The page may seem the same, but the content could easily be different. The Internets is Orwells library – constantly updated, without any reliable memory. Until the Way Back Machine, at least. With the Way Back Machine, and the Internett Archive underlying it, you can see what the Internet was. You have the power to see what you remember. More importantly, perhaps, you also have the power to find what you don't remember and what others prefer you forget” (Lessig,2005.p109)

Webpages are always updated and never is static. Compared to a book that is printed and will not change even if new information appear. “The Internets is Orwell’s library – constantly updated, without any reliable memory” Only with services like The Wayback Machine can we travel back into the past to look at old edition of websites.