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The Library of Babel'

The Library of Babel is a book project that shows the effect of digital decay on electronic text.The is the short story The Library of Babel of the Argentina author Jorge's Borges where he talks about a library with infinite number of books in a fictual library Digital decay effects all electronic media and all the different storage mediums we have.

To create the book I contact company that do with data recovery and looking for visual research of digital decay on text documents. I manipulated the text with the help of Adobe Illustrator and I created a easy way to do it with the help of templates.

Digital decay is a big problem and it only gets bigger, as more and more of the world information is storge digital, the hard it will be to keep that information in perspective of decades. We can all go and see pictures from years ago, images of your ancestors, but will that be as easy in the future as todays storage mediums are so unstable?

The Degree Show 14 branding

Branding for Ravensbourne Universities Degree Show. Every year Ravensbourne holds a big show that shows off all of the graduation students work and celebrates the student and staff. This year the focus was on holding a show that lasted a week, with live tv broadcast and over 3000 industry guests over a week.

The show was going to be less of a glossy show, so this year the branding need to reflect a more relaxed and subdue look and the concept of collaboration where the main brand values. A lot of research into dynamic branding and cross industry profession where done to get the correct look of the brand for the show

For the new year, we need a new brand and reflect it was a different show. To market the show you need a strong visual profile that stands out form the crowed, special in a city like London that got so many universities that all concept.

Why use billions for a voyage to mars?

My final major project where a newspaper that informs the public about the benefit humanity gets of space travel and why even more support is need.

To information people about a big subject in research and found a letter that was send to the head of NASA in the 70s from a nun in Africa that ask why space is important, his answer is the content.

The attention to space travel has is not been big the resent years, even that we on earth get a lot back. A lot of people question the benefit of the money used on space travel even that the percentages is minor compared to other things in society.