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✨ Topics/concepts I'm currently excited about ✨

research/experiments may be archived here/here

  • buttons
  • breadboards / PCBs
  • inputs and event triggers / GUI controls / conductivity
  • user-unfriendly interfaces and interactions ("usability" / "best practices")
  • interstices / transitions / keyframes
  • tool / instrument misuse
  • sound as spatial sensor / animation
  • noise / granular synthesis
  • esolang / onomatopoeia

Special Issue 16

Vernacular Language Processing


#for carrier-bag-of-notebooks (to be linked)

  • 21/09/21 XP4, 5, 6 + A House of Dust
  • 27/09/21 XP7 + NLTK1
  • 04/10/21 XP8 + NLTK2

Group exercises

#pad archive from class discussions (titles + descriptions renamed/worded/mixed for easy digestion)

Further experiments

#on vernacular processing methods (some links may prompt a download instead of a preview on the XPUB1 soupboat so click at your own risk (to be fixed..))


#more pads for reflections, side thoughts, curiosities, maybe rabbit holes

Digital breadboard

#temp space for testing idea crumbs