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second term
Sticker project: : [1]
2.essay: 2.essay
2.essay epub format: 2.essayepub
Annotated_Bibliographies2: Annotated_Bibliographies2

technical course
3.assignment: 3.assignment
2.assignment: 2.assignment
1. assignmentRss feedbook: feedbook
ecup: ecup

first term
Project_ep3: street light project_eps3
Project_ep2: street light project_eps2
Project: street light project
Essay: essay
Essay and assignments: User:Ozalp Eroz/DtE
Annotated_Bibliographies: Annotated_Bibliographies

image magic: pixelate
sound loops: User:Ozalp Eroz/buzz
producing video: pixelate_video
pygame: pygame_oz


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