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Tip Top Education was my thematic project for this trimester. It concerned a teaching module for 'groep 3 en 4' (7 to 8 year old children) focussing on traditional avant-garde music. The teaching module was produced according to Dutch school regulations incorporating thoughts on primary teaching targets and continuity activities. It was tested and documented in June on Basisschool De Groene Palm in a groep 3 class. The principal target of the module is to play with the incorporated elitist notion of historical avant-garde and put this into conflict with the logic and efficiency of a regulated teaching system. At the same time, the target was to produce an actual working teaching module (being critical of what is provided for schools by institutions such as SKVR) that teaches kids some broader musical and conceptual frameworks. My current goal is to develop a broader teaching module, more a trajectory and finding means to actually implement this within school systems, for the moment principally the Dalton method.

The Module

Niek - Tip Top Education Lesmodule.pdf

Little Kids Listening To John Cage

Pecha Kucha Slides

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Pecha Kucha

StARTup Camp 2013