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.Nan Wang, Trimester 2, 2013.

Monolog Machine


Monologue Machine is a self-communication machine. A machine like human being constantly talking to itself. It simulate human mental statues as self-examination.

Monologue Machine generates sound from reading the change of lights. Then, generates graphics from its sound and read the changing graphics again in order to keep generates sound.

The machine has two parts: one hacked TV set and eight light dependent resistor connected to Arduino board attached to the TV screen.

Eight light dependent resistors receive lights and through a programmed Arduino board translate the light value into musical scale and send this sound single to a hacked TV.

The hacked TV screens generates black and white trembling lines feeding back to the light dependent resistors in order to keep generate sound single create a non-stop feedback loop.

In this circumstance, it creates a data loop which read, process and generates its own data again and again.

However, the sound and graphics changing every time the machine processing the data.

The only variable make it constantly change its sound and graphic is something we called "noise".

Randomness and unpredictbleconditions and environments. It will keep updating the content of its own talking.






Additional Information

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working process