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Session #1

First IDEA's for workshops

Urgent colaborative publishing:

  • etherpad to html 2 zine 2 public
  • publication for 1 person: what do you need today?


Creating an autograph machine:

  • using HP penjet + python library to sign your documents
  • is it valid when a machine signs your document?


micro music workshop:

  • making music on a TI-calculator


pirate radio T.A.Z:

  • we pirate a frequency and learn how to create a TAZ
  • everyone brings FM radio and tunes in

tape-loop orchestra:

  • everyone creates a tapeloop, modifies a tape player and records a sample.
  • Together, we make an audio piece and we make a piece
  • we record speech / words and respond live (script)


bot echo:

  • a bot that is catching phrases that recorded on tape
  • converted to speech (sox)
  • sampled and played back in space

What can a C64 do for me?

  • one line of code in BASIC