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# lists of clothes, places and reasons
clothes = ["coat","shoes","hat"]
people = ["tailor","cobbler","hatter"]
first,last = ["When i have no {0} to put on?","When I've a wife and child at home?"]

# recurring parts of the two choruses
chorus1 = "Soldier, soldier, will you marry me\nWith your musket, fife and drum?\nOh how can I marry such a pretty little girl\n{0}\n\n"
chorus2 = "Off to the {0} she did go\nAs fast as she could run\nShe brought him back the finest that was there\nNow soldier, put them on\n"

# play that song!
for i in range(3):
	print chorus1.format(first.format(clothes[i])),chorus2.format(people[i])
print chorus1.format(last)

then run:
$ | espeak -ven+f2 -p80

et voila: lovely monotone folk song