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servus = slave
servire: “to be a slave”

There is a link between slavery and technique as it is meant to “free” humans (well some eligible members at least ones).
Aristotle linked the necessity of having slaves to the limits of technique :
«si les navettes pouvaient tisser toutes seules, il n’y aurait pas besoin d’esclaves ».
«if the shuttle would weave and the plectrum touch the lyre without a hand to guide them, chief workmen would not want servants, nor masters slaves.»

Human or automation (delegation to the person or the machine)

a. one who serves food and drink, a waiter
b. something like a tray, used to serve food and drink
c. a computer or a program which provides services to other programs or users, either in the same computer or over a computer network.
d. an altar server, an assistant to a member of clergy during a Christian religious office. (doing all the supporting tasks such as the ringing of the bell, bringing the wine, giving hand shakes for peace and getting bored sat at the back of the chancel with a bit of sacramental bread stuck onto the palate)

In terms of computing, it is really the software, running instance of an application, capable of accepting requests and giving answers accordingly. (which makes it really close in function to the human waiter). They operate in client-server architecture. They perform task on behalf of the client (delegation). By extension, the name designate the machine.

- A server presupposes a client. This thing exists only in relation to its opposite.
- A server gets delegated tasks, they are men in the middle, between the client and task to be accomplished. Agent Network.

>>> The word server : A metonymy?
Taking part for whole assuming an underlying logical linkage.
- synecdote: part for whole – find a new roof
- content for container – drink a glass
- autonomase: nom propre devient un nom common ou vice versa – poubelle, marques déposées comme kleenex ou aspirine
- author for the work- I'm reading a Zola
- singular for plural: émancipation de la femme
- sign for the thing: il est monté sur le trône
- instrument as agent: the first violin is performing a solo
- place of origin for product: I drink a Bordeaux
- matter as object: that's a nice bronze from Rodin
Et caetera

A server as machine, like a human, is not just a server but can perform the task of serving among others. They share this same quality and therefore can be categorized under the same label.