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The aim of the project is to merge symbolically all the items of the archive through the realisation of a single End credit video.

End credits list all the individuals involved in the production of a video. In this case, we would display the list of all individuals involved with the production of the content of the Eye's Archive regardless of the production they worked on. Those credits would be particularly long, (perhaps too long for the whole show) underlining the vertiginous amount of content gathered by the Eye's archive. Some names would be missing due to the very fact that they were not listed by the people who produced the data stored in the Archive's database. This doesn't really matter, as we consider that the relationship between a member of crew and the archive exists has the result of human labour (an archive's employee). There is also some absurdity in the approach, which is a way to approach more lightly the difficulty for a human to apprehend the collection through a direct face-to-face.

We will update soon.