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Click // innovatiecontract op hoofdlijnen
Topsector Creative Industrie

The CLICK project (Creativity, Learling, Innovation, Co-creation & Knowledge) should help to make the Dutch creative industry the biggest one in Europe in 2020. CLICK is an initiative to connect the creative industries and knowledge centers through different networks (design, games, fashion, etc), which will be guided by the agency 'CLICK//NL'. The first two years are mostly payed for by the government and a small portion by the participating groups. After those two years, the participants have to be able to pay themselves. The text is a (very) rough outline of how to accomplish these goals and keeps repeating they will connect the different networks. No concrete examples are given.

Point of interest though, is that they want to invest in areas that are already strong in certain fields, like Eindhoven is in design and Arnhem is in fashion, instead of pulling everything to the randstad (Amsterdam / The Hague / Rotterdam / Utrecht) which often seems to be the focus.

To be honest, I absolutely don't recognize myself in their image of the 'creative industry'. Their whole idea is very commercial. (Also, off topic, I found their use of English words where there are perfect Dutch alternatives really annoying.)