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Python words sorting (import sys, re, json) -- to create json file
- read file via < in command line
- find words, using regular expression, (r"\b(\w+)\b"
- sorting, there are .sort module in python
- print json.dumps(output, indent=2)
Python make html (import json, random)
var = open("filename.json")
data = json.load(var)
var = open ("filename.html", "w")

in the html page

d3.json use selector
.style("color", function () {
    return d3.hsl(Math.random()*360, 1.0, 0.5);
I made page reload via meta view different result

To make each word in single pages:

f = open ("filename/word{0:06d}.html".format(var), "w")
page = """<a href="word{2:06d}.html" style="font-size: {1}em">{0}</a>""".format(d['word'], d['count'], random.randint(0, len(data)))