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Monoskop library

Work in progress.
Project proposal.
Editions event. TENT Rotterdam, July 5, 2012.


Bitcoin mining rig exhibited as a readymade in July 2011.

Project page


Firefox/Chrome browser add-on which attaches a leak button to Facebook photos, allowing user to leak them to website.
Launched in December 2010.

Project page


Forking Piracy

Written in May-June 2012.

Keywords: politics, pirate politics, file sharing, cultural flatrate, The Pirate Bay, Pirate Party, Germany, Sweden.

Bitcoin: censorship-resistant currency and domain name system to the people

Exploration of distributed currency.
Written in May-July 2011.

Keywords: Bitcoin, Namecoin, Electronic Frontier Foundation, WikiLeaks, cypherpunks, free software, cryptography, censorship, free speech, anonymity, transparency, decentralisation, peer-to-peer, economy, domain name system.

Research material

Privatising Privacy: Trojan Horse in Free Open Source Distributed Social Platforms

Critique of social graph.
Written in February-May 2011.

Keywords: social graph, Diaspora, StatusNet, Facebook, Google, network based marketing, online advertising, social media, federated social networks.

Paper and research material

Sourced in, unsourced out: Leaking as the common knowledge production

Essay on Wikileaks' and Wikipedia's seemingly incompatible models of common knowledge production.
Written in November-December 2010, rewritten in May 2011.

Keywords: Wikipedia, commons, WikiLeaks, knowledge production.


Web Time

Short essay considering the variable of time as a building material for web infrastructure.
Submitted as a part of school application in May 2010.


Side projects


La Société Anonyme

Launch of the first LSA initiative, The SKOR Record: July 12, 2012, SKOR, Amsterdam.


An open platform for artists to share artist biographies as a free and open historiography for contemporary art.


Living archive of writings on art, culture and media technology.


Free art server.

Grey foo


db at societyofalgorithm dot org