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  • made adjustments to proposal: tried to make the methodology clearer


  • rewrote proposal based on tutorial with Michael
  • half annotated Goldsmith's Uncreative Writing
  • placing the spam archive into django framework


In the tutorial with Michael we arrived at a possible, more concréte plan for my project

the idea consists in:

  • taking spam as literary production
  • I will assume the role of a spammer, who sends bulk mails
  • However, spam's aim is not to fool receivers into some scam where money tries to be extracted from them, but an enticement to create texts in collaboration with the receivers.
  • The receives would be propelled into a game where they are enticed to write, to respond and connect to with whom is sending the email
  • the dialog can go on and different materials, techniques, type of answers be produced
  • at the certain point receivers can be connected to one another. The central node - me (my bot) - and receivers will received each other's answers

Spam as a genre / a literary device

  • the same techniques used in the creation of spam messages be re-applied in the construction of messages I would be sending to,

such as copy'n'paste, appropriation of literary text sources, text mangling (so Viagra becomes V##iagra),

  • persuasive style /


After presenting the idea of a text-game based on spam email messages (described here) to Barend, we began discussion the exchanges some individuals had with spammers, by responding to the 1st spam email, and developing a dialog from there.

The idea fascinated. What if a text game could be devised that handled with this communication between player and spammer under a slight modified, and disguised manner, so that it felt more like a game, than actually email writing?

The game would be left hanging, until the player's response would be answered, and then another level would be achieved.


In order to test viability of this strategy i will answer spam emails.


  • Create email address:
  • use a couple of recent spam email that ask answering
  • reply