The Clown Script

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  • Is mise Gravy agus ta me an fear grinn.

I am Gravy and I am a clown

  • Nil me abalta ag caint bearla nios mo

I am not able to speak english anymore

  • Is teanga fhuilteach í an Béarla

English is a bloody language

  • it is not that people dont understand me it is that i dont want to understand anything
  • Is aoibhin liom na scannain

I love the movies

  • ta an cearta telefis seo go hálainn

this television program is beautiful

  • Tir gan teanga tir gan anam

a nation without a language is a nation without a soul

  • An té nach bhfuil láidir ní foláir dó bheith glic.

He who is not strong has to be clever

  • Is breá liom dul ag rothaíocht

I love to go cycling

  • An turas na Fhraince an comortas is fear liom.

The tour de france is my favourite competition