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Physical Description/What the viewer experiences

Main pillars in my working themes are appropriation, imagination and dual realities, scale, the logic in language versus visual/image communication, perception of time and space and the exploration of historical characters.

Currently I’m using mostly video as a way to communicate my ideas and research. One of my theme works is building a kind of monument of certain people (in this case the Greek poet K. Cavafis) that interest me, I admire or I feel related to. Based both on real and fictional elements I placed then the characters in a certain imaginary situation. Additionally, I’m making miniatures set ups which I’m afterwards filming, creating a story guided by the materials and their interconnection. Finally, at an early stage, is my research on problematics of language. From Russel to Wittgenstein and to the Theory of colors. Eventually based on interviews of blind people to create objects that will resemble a sense of color. The objects will be distributed to the people of the interviews (maybe?) and then make a film.

My video about Cavafis started as an attempt of a deep research on the poet as a person. First I read all his work, I read articles from him and articles of other people about him and his work, read interviews trying to grasp the time and sphere he was leaving in and who he truly was and who he later became. Then, I narrowed down the essential parts of his work and his character. Those parts, blended together with my imagination, will be the core of making the story.

The miniature set ups started as a play on scale and as an exploration on materials. How could they create an interesting visual language and how could do they react to movement, to light or to other materials.