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Thesis outline (first draft) Tessel Schmidt

A personal report on my research and practice

Introduction: Main question: How do I bring my fascinations and observations together in a video work?

Chapter 1: What inspires me? What are my inspirations? What can I distill from these works for my own practice? What works and texts speak to me?

Chapter 2: Theoretical framework In this chapter I will describe theories and texts that match my inspirations. In what traditions do the makers who inspire me operate? What can I learn from them for my own practice?

Chapter 3: What are the ingredients of most of my works? How do I describe my filming method and what are the ‘rules” for my kind of framing, perspective and camera movement? When do I use a certain image and why not? What are the ingredients of my work and how do I try to combine them?

Conclusion Putting it all together in a practical and theoretical context. Writing a “How to” on my work.

Bibliography: Refrences: Books on fenomenology Reading Godot Waiting for Godot Tarkovsky- Time within time and Sculpting in time Rolands bartez- the Punctum? New Screen Media: cinema/art/narrative, Rieser, M & Zapp, A. The Simple Thruth: The monochrome in modern art, Morley, S.