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Conclusion (500)
Conclusion (500)
"new materialism" (make a synopsis of this text- tell the story in brief; what ideas are valuable to you?)
+ other 4 texts= make a synopsis of this text- tell the story in brief; what ideas are valuable to you?
(Method=3 texts + 3 works)]
Chapter 1: What inspires me?
What are my inspirations? What can I distill from these works for my own practice? What works and texts speak to me?
Chapter 2: Theoretical framework
In this chapter I will describe theories and texts that match my inspirations. In what traditions do the makers who inspire me operate? What can I learn from them for my own practice?
Chapter 3: What are the ingredients of most of my works?
How do I describe my filming method and what are the ‘rules” for my kind of framing, perspective and camera movement? When do I use a certain image and why not? What are the ingredients of my work and how do I try to combine them?
Putting it all together in a practical and theoretical context. Writing a “How to” on my work.

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Thesis outline (first draft) Tessel Schmidt

A personal report on my research and practice

new outline


How do I bring the documentary narrative together with my 'macro landscapes'?


synthesising documentary narrative and 'macro lansdscapes'

here you need to define terms: What do you mean by 'documentary narrative' What do you mean by macro landscape?

Steve notes: method: bring together all the written material on your practice while you have been working here- descriptions of things you have made; diary entries &c

Introduction (500) {what are we going to read?}

Chapter one: introduction to my work. What have I made; how did I make it and why did I make it. (2000)

Chapter two: steps towards achieving the project (how I tried to make a marriage of the two elements of my practice)(2000)

Chapter three: inspirations, works I find interesting; the book; (2000)

Conclusion (500)