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A series of works reflecting the concept of white. How white can be represented visually as a color, acoustically as noise, and metaphorically in endless possibilities.

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"I mentioned that white is information emerging from chaos." , by Kenya Hara- from the book "White"

"Wherever we are, what we hear is mostly noise. When we ignore it, it disturbs us. When we listen to it, we find it fascinating." , by John Cage - The Future of Music: Credo" (1937)

"The operating system of Ra's Arkestra incorporated such 'noise' and restructured itself in the process. This 'noise' is not simply that of unmusical sound, but also in the sense that Jacques Attali adapts from information and system theory, any material that has value or significance in a given system. Attali describes the evolution of musical styles as one in which an existing system of music becomes exposed to 'noise' that at first disrupts it, but then, through incorporation restructures it and gives rise to a new system. In the voyage of the Arkestra, system would collapse and be reborn on a daily basis." , by Simon Yuill, about

"I would prefer not to use the word minimalist. The fact that it comes to mind so easily only heightens the suspicion that it is too apparent and thus, unsuitable for saying anything substantial about works by Hadi Tabatabai and Nelleke Beltjens. (...) these works indicate an area that is about much more than concepts: they point to the silence of precise, patient, curious, and enjoyable contemplation. (...) he revels to the fullest in the unexpectedly sensual wealth of the black, white and gray, the verticals and horizontals and especially the grids, one of the central "mythic" metaphors of modernism,6 alternating between rigid rationality and the boundlessness of the imagination. Reductionism? No, it is the utmost of concentration." Essay Silence and Abundance by Peter Lodermeyer