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Page from Radical Software, volume 1

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I don't expect to follow a rational way

Writing and reading methods

Writing in english quickly and correctly it was the most difficult part for me, but I have learned a lot. By doing writing and reading tests gave me the ability to be more accurate and short in my writing. What I did next was to improve texts of my previous projects.

The pads were also a place for learning how to write fast and right. At the same time they became useful places for estimating my state each time (what I did, what I will do) as part of the team.

Research on catalogues, media art interventions

Most of the times with Steve I could enter an imaginary space of narratives written in texts. The discussion about time capsules and documentation for example provoked many thoughts and opened a new realm of knowledge. It was more easy after that to read novels or texts written as narratives and to imagine the described imaginary spheres.

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Where do I want to go

I want the writing to be my actual work. That means that I don't want to produce texts describing my work (as representation of the work) but to be part of the work. Future research for example on Oulipo constraints(constrained writing techniques).

In a previous project problems with the language and different interpretations of texts or misunderstandings of meanings became the core of the project. I don't expect to follow a rational way of reading and writing or following only linear narratives, but I would like to be coherent in my writing.

This is part of the project "Stin Alicia Neto" Releitura. Design e Multimédia da Universidade de Coimbra. Supervisor: António Silveira Gomes. 2013.: With Beatriz Beato, Marta Garcia.

Sitinalicia meto
De Andreas Spaculatus
que safe-nos é assim nheca
mola na pé tu neta
aposta e é primáta
que toxiba ti banir zé
telefone e a ti tu
galaxias em tropece
esperma da fani nu diz chili
tetos acido és
que safe-nos é assim nheca
me liga lá
adamastor ritmos
de aterro dás-me
vip na filosofica
orgia padecias phones
lambe-se aqui cospe-se até lia
e assim pantufa à laia
e "nheca" que perus
ela e fé teria papiro sorriso nu
esta vía caridade sim Nero
ok ía miar ali
anis puta e à puto sim puta ai
geometria classe mor fez
se é amante sim és!

I expect from this master's my research to become deeper and more substantial. To apply theoretical research to my projects (empirical research). Practicing with more and different methods of writing and reading to reflect this research would be really interesting for me.

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