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Working with multiple text(book)s:

  • "XP" : Exploratory Programming for the Arts & Humanities online local copies
  • NLTK: Natural Language Processing with Python (aka The NLTK book) online
  • AP: Aestheic Progamming: online

Tuesday 21 Sept 2021 (manetta + michael)

Intro to sandbox

In class: XP1-4 (Intro, Installation, and Modifying a program) -- this is not strictly following the text book but hitting the same "key concepts"

for next time -- read and do exercises including the "FREE exercises", trying multiple ways:

Stop when it's too much. It's about exploring!

Collect the notebooks you made in the carrier-bag-of-notebooks:

  1. File > Export notebook as ... > HTML
  2. save it on your computer
  3. then, on the yet-to-be-named server: navigate to shared/html/carrier-bag-of-notebooks
  4. drag and drop the .html file in week 1

Monday 27 Sep (manetta + michael)

Review last readings + exercises

for next time:

Please add the notebooks in HTML format again in the carrier-bag-of-notebooks folder.

And a note about the NLTK chapter: in the section Getting Started with NLTK, it includes a step in which you are asked to download a dataset, you can skip this, it is already downloaded on the yet-to-be-named server.

Monday 4 Oct (manetta, michael)

Review last readings + exercises

for next time:

Monday 11 Oct (michael)

Review last readings + exercises

for next time (over break):

Autumn Vacation + Study Week

Monday 1 Nov (michael + manetta)

Python continued

Monday 8 Nov (michael + manetta)

Python continued

Monday 15 Nov ( ... )

Monday 22 Nov ( ... )

Monday 29 Nov ( ... )

Monday 1 Nov ( ... )

Monday 6 Dec ( ... )

Monday 13 Dec

Friday: 17 Dec: Launch at Varia.